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2024 Journey - In the light of high frequencies

A program dedicated to your expansion and evolution to better navigate this unique period!

In this unique era of acceleration, where our lives are increasingly interconnected and often disrupted by the many challenges and sufferings of our humanity and planet, more and more women (and men!) are receiving a profound invitation to awaken to their true Self and truly live in accordance with their essence. Living from your essence means becoming more and more a beacon of Light, for yourself and others. This means being able to build bridges between the visible and invisible worlds and thus be a source of love and healing.

We can no longer ignore who we really are and remain imprisoned in outdated beliefs, outdated behaviors and old wounds! More and more people know deeply that evolution takes place in the here and now.


Our new 2024 program will be entirely dedicated to the elevation of consciousness, to the expansion of our own divine knowledge, to alignment with the light of high frequencies.

Yes, during this year, remember your divine origin by expanding your consciousness in a unique program to support your evolution. Free yourself from the distortions that prevent you from evolving into higher frequencies of knowing and aligning with your essence. This is the only remedy to get through this new era and continue to build our common future.


What to expect?


Evelise offers you her unique and innovative framework, which combines tantric yoga, depth psychology and integrative therapy, ancient ritual technology of the feminine/masculine sacred, work with the breath (Breathwork), initiatory teachings and ceremonies, the medicine of entheogenic plants... all this with high ethical and professional standards and with groups of extraordinary and benevolent souls, who listen to this type of call and ask for this type of support.


In 2024, you embark on a profound personal journey of healing, awakening and peace. Open your third eye, ignite your inner vision and heal your psyche, body and spirit.


Be there! Here is the program open to women and men:

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Spring 2024:

Spring retreat in Switzerland - Egyptian codes at the service of the evolution of the soul. A weekend of celebration of life, of activating the spark of divine light through age-old practices originating in Egyptian tradition which will open you to your immense cosmic heart.

Friday May 3 - Sunday May 5

All this close to home, in the extraordinary setting of the Hotel Balance in the Valais mountains.

Fall 2024:

Sacred pilgrimage to Paris and Chartres. Like every year, we will leave together to support our evolution and healing of souls in the sacred paths of the Earth, our mother planet! We will walk towards the sites holding the vortices of divine frequencies, available to those who know where to find them.

Thursday October 3 - Sunday October 6

Our destination: where the meridians of the Earth, the lines of Mary and Michael cross… meeting in the heart of Paris and in the meanders of Chartres Cathedral, in an unforgettable program which will mix guided tours, initiatory practices and rituals anchored in the age-old wisdom of alchemists, ancient Egypt and the archetypes of the Gods and Goddesses of the Mediterranean basin.

Places are limited, first come, first served.

Pre-register now.


Women's Circles: our sorority will continue to give you the medicine and innate power of the sacred feminine in 2024, always respecting the energetic portals of seasonal cycles .

Our next meeting:

Friday February 9 at 7:45 p.m. - IMBOLC - Sophia Dragons Circle

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When our level of consciousness increases, you notice:

  • That there is no separation between nature - all living things, the earth, the cosmos - and human beings, we are nature.

  • That nature is our ultimate teacher and guide.

  • That each person has an intrinsic capacity for self-healing

  • That you are the creator of your inner world, of your life and that together we are the creators of life on earth.

And what follows from this:

  • You begin to recognize that you cannot blindly rely on your current beliefs, stories, and values and that you may need to revise some of your habits.

  • You experience a deeper sense of authentic power and direction that will bring you greater joy, energy, and fulfillment.

  • You become less fearful, more humble, grateful, open and learn to take better care of yourself.

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