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Living the sacred feminine together!

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A women's circle is a space to recognize the importance of integrating reason, intuition and the influence that nature has on our body, psyche and soul.


It is also a space to give women a unique opportunity to reconnect with their personal power, improve their self-esteem, heal age-old fears and anxieties, and expand their intuition. All this to honor and value you as a woman, mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, professional.


What do we do in a circle? We participate in ancestral rituals, experiment with yoga techniques, visualizations, sacred songs, etc... and share love and complicity between women.

The intention of Women's Circles is to:

  • create bonds of sisterhood between women

  • participate in the awakening of feminine energy in the world

  • connect with the feminine energy of each woman and her innate power, a power that differs from the male power

  • create a safe place to be vulnerable to it, share our challenges as women and help heal ancestral patterns in our family lines that have been passed down from generation to generation

  • promote magic and have fun


In a circle of women:

we learn to calm the ego and eliminate limited thinking

we come into harmony with the women in the circle and learn compassion, creating a powerful and healing energy vortex

we allow a clear opening to Self, in order to call upon the natural flow of divine wisdom

we stretch beyond what we have been taught to believe as true

we become empowered, finding the source of our discontent

we learn the art of forgiving ourselves and others

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