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Integrative psychotherapy

My approach is part of the field of integrative care, addressing the human being in its entirety body-soul-spirit, and implementing different practices and tools to serve the process of transformation and personal evolution. To support your therapeutic goals and needs, I use multiple treatment strategies: cognitive, bodily/somatic, relational, psychodynamic and transpersonal. ​ The body and mind are in continuous relationship without us always perceiving it. The most effective way to find what connects the body and the mind, the past and the present, intuition and action, the biological and the biographical, is work on emotions and bodily experience. ​ The heart of my approach is intimacy with oneself in all its dimensions, from the softest to the roughest, through the deep understanding of the territories and emotional/corporeal states which live within us and which form our perception of ' "inner being". ​ I also draw on the spiritual energies of sacred feminine wisdom, particularly archetypes associated with liminal or transitional spaces, subterranean journeys, regeneration/rebirth. ​ The main objective of this transformation support is to tame and work on our most buried and hidden places, carrying the most difficult contents that we have “buried in the dark” – based on the principle that they are not obstacles to overcome, but guides to find our path to healing and to intimately benefit from the treasures they guard. The objective being the integration of ALL the parts that constitute us in this life, through an unconditional welcome of being in all its seams and forms. This process is the basis for any lasting and serious spiritual journey, because it is the path, the means of transport and the map to the Self. ​ Sessions may contain: The appropriation and integration of the contents of the physical, mental, sexual, spiritual and emotional body; Deep shadow work (our shadow being any aspect within us that we have rejected, pushed away, denied, or simply buried in the dark); Learning about emotions and being open to feeling and welcoming them; Integrative somatic work, which connects what is experienced in session to one's own personal history and to one's experience of the relational present outside of sessions; Relational healing work and awakening of the relational potential - healthy and integrated - that we carry within us. Non-dogmatic and non-religious spiritual learning and support.

Psychothérapie intégratve et shadow work

Advice and career development

Evelise is currently Head of Adult Services for the canton of Vaud. She monitors the quality of the work delivered by guidance counselors dealing with adults in the canton's 4 regional consultation centers.  She was also a sponsor for services provided to the Collège de Genève (11 educational establishments in the canton of Geneva) and for the University of Geneva from 2013 to 2018.     "I am a specialist in the strategic development of professional skills. I advise and support my clients in their professional and personal development, including in the most difficult situations of career change, loss of motivation and professional crisis. Having worked in a range of different structures in the Canton of Geneva as well as in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland),  I have several years of solid experience in consulting and a great knowledge of the professional field and institutional. In addition to consulting clients, I play the role of expert in the profession of psychologist advisor to professionals in the field, offering a wide range of targeted services: individual meetings, supervision, meetings and training."

Conseil et développement de carrière

Shadow work

Shadow Work is the process of brightening the unconscious forces that drive our lives. Once this content is enlightened, we can use this power to better heal and transform ourselves, as well as the world around us. But what is Shadow? Shadow is all that is unknown to our conscious minds. It is a natural and universal material, capable of creation and destruction. In ourselves, the Shadow reveals itself in our dependencies, our triggers of the emotional reactions ... In many ways, it is the force that manages our lives. In the collective, we see the Shadow unveil when greed, power, lack of empathy and disconnection of the soul are part of the overall dynamic. As individuals, the only solution is to bring the Shadow to light. By doing this, we can understand the hidden forces that play out in ourselves, in others, and in the world. Shadow Work is perhaps the most important work of our time. If you are here, it's because you're ready for it. If you have no sense of your shadow, you will live as a victim. You will have no alternative because you will see the world of the position that the events are "falling on your head" and that you can do nothing because you have no power. Of course, it is not easy to see what we do not want to see in ourselves. There is a reason why we turn away from certain truths and our greatest inner treasures often remain hidden. Shadow Work is a journey of self-confrontation, which requires courage, truth and the will to grow During this work, you will be able to: • Know the emotional forces hidden in you - such as the need for control, fear of loneliness or jealousy - and become aware of how these forces affect your behavior • Identify and understand your own projections about others and the world, and start seeing them with greater clarity • Determine the stories your ego tells you that prevent you from seeing the truth in your life • Embrace your "golden shadow" - that part of you that contains your greatest gifts.

Shadow work

Psychedelic integration

Psychedelic medicine is legally practiced in Switzerland and in several countries around the world in a medical and research context. Otherwise, access to it remains illegal. However, many people have used and regularly use these medicines and thus have experiences that require support and integration work. This work cannot be improvised; it is important to be well surrounded before, during and after these experiences. ​ This is how I work with clients who have had or are considering having a psychedelic experience. I offer them an individual and group consultation service. I use varied transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) approaches in this work. I am certified in psychedelic assisted therapy and integration by Psychedelics Today/MAPS (USA). I currently continue to train in preparation, integration and risk reduction in working with psychedelic medicines and in psychedelic medicine-assisted therapy.

Intégration psychédélique


Certified 500h RYS - Yoga Alliance International: 200h RYS- Anusara Yoga with Chris Chavez 300h RYS- Rasa Yoga with Sianna Sherman + several 100-hour Immersions with Jivamukti Yoga, Dharma Yoga and Tara Judelle (Embodied Flow™) ​ "I am fascinated by the empirical approach of tantra and I train intensely in the arts of the Spirit. My path is to experience and feel all the possible connections within the being, between humans and with the 'universe. I teach yoga drawing inspiration from these many influences while maintaining a psychosomatic and intuitive approach. My classes are therefore unique, dynamic and anchored on the sacred flame of the heart. For me, the practice of postural yoga (asana) is a sacred embodiment, a living prayer from which we can explore the connection to our body and feel truly present in our moment-to-moment experience. I continue to perfect myself in this demanding art, currently collaborating with the Rasa Yoga school: Bhakti Fusion of Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Asana, Pranayama and Prayers for the Earth, school created and founded by Sianna Sherman."

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