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"To evolve, I integrate:

the intellect – through a classic university career in clinical psychology and different approaches and influences from contemporary psychology subsequently,

working with the body – through an intense path in yoga,

and the work of apnea in the waters of the mind and its dense depths, with integrative therapies, meditation and the sacred feminine in several of its forms and a path with psychedelic medicines: psilocybin mushrooms (Golden Teacher) and notably with the great medicine of the forest, Ayahuasca.

On this path, I discovered the limits of the mind, the pain of the body and the suffering of the soul.

They are my most demanding masters, because it is by embracing them and knowing them that I have tasted ecstasy, integration and calm, in a hope that springs forth forever.

This is the path that I offer to my clients and students, individually or in groups."

About Evelise

The intellect

Graduated in clinical psychology (University of Sao Paulo – Brazil) , holder of a Master's degree in advanced studies in support and counseling psychology (University of Lausanne – Switzerland) , Evelise is also a specialist in professional career transitions and passionate about different currents of modern Western psychology. In particular, she followed additional training in broad areas such as Lacanian psychoanalysis (4 years of continuing training at the NLS – New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Switzerland and 7 years of personal analysis), family therapy (Geneva Systemic Platform). , in Switzerland) and dozens of continuing training courses in the fields of narrative therapy, psychotraumatology and Ericsonian hypnosis. Having more than 20 years of consulting experience in a public and private setting, Evelise continues to evolve and integrate new knowledge in neuropsychology and mindfulness into her daily work.

She also works with psychedelic medicine , following a course of initiation and training with the great medicine of the forest, Ayahuasca, in the Brazilian jungle.

Latest certifications:

VITAL - professional certificate in psychedelic-assisted therapy and psycho-spiritual integration - Psychedelics Today/MAPS - (United States - 2023-24)

NARM - Neuro-Affective-Relational Model - Dr Laurece Heller (United States/Germany/Greece) - certification in developmental trauma psychotherapy - 2020-2022

DARe - Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience - Somatic Attachment psychotherapy professional training - Dr Diana Poole Heller (United States) - certification in somatic attachment psychotherapy 2018-2019

Core-Level Shadow work professional training - MCT. Masters Center for Transformation (United States) Dr. Robert Augustus Masters - Certification in Integrative Psychotherapy / Shadow Work - 2016-2019

The body

Evelise began her yoga journey in 2005, seeking a way to integrate mind-body therapies. She became a yoga teacher in 2013, internationally certified by the Yoga Alliance (Anusara Yoga orientation). The teachings of the Jivamukti Yoga and Dharma Yoga school also constitute its teaching base. She continues to train in this demanding art, having obtained her advanced yoga teacher certificate (300RYS) in 2019 with Sianna Sherman/ Rasa Yoga: Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Asana, Pranayama and Prayers for the Earth.

The mind

Evelise completed the teachings necessary for her ordination in the school of Sacred Feminine Arts Urban Priestess Mystery School in 2015. She has since been part of an international network that comes together to promote the power of the Sacred in daily life through rituals, initiation circles, meditations and blessings. In 2020, she founded her own school of psycho-spiritual development for women, "The Mystery School of the Sacred Cycles". She is also a student of meditation and Tibetan tantric yoga in the Bön tradition, following Master Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche since 2008.

She also works with psychedelic medicine, following a course of initiation and training with the great medicine of the forest, Ayahuasca, in the Brazilian jungle.

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