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In the footsteps of



Module 1

Friday05 mai (evening)

Saturday 06 May (day)



Place to be specified in the Lausanne region

S: retrieve theShave forgotten

O: purify and heal throughOdivine nction 

Reclaiming and awakening the High Priestess within ourselves

The word “priestess” is a word that our culture has taught us to fear. For generations, our ancestors have diverted it, hidden it... and even today, the women who embark on the journey of the sacred feminine are not very likely to use it. 


For to pronounce the word priestess was synonymous with humiliation and persecution, at least during the last millennia. To suppose that a woman had divine knowledge and the power to intervene in the invisible worlds was to be a heretic. It meant being stoned, crucified, driven out…or burned at the stake. You would be called a witch. They would call you a wanton woman, a prostitute.


It is our heritage. This is the path of Mary Magdalene, whose wisdom and power as a guide has been driven away, forgotten, ignored. 


Our first training module restores Mary Magdalene to her true place as a guide, because in this module we will delve into the teachings of Mary Magdalene as High Priestess and begin to walk her steps in the path of Sophia, Wisdom:  


S: retrieve theShave forgotten

O: purify and heal throughOdivine nction


The title of High Priestess describes Mary Magdalene because she had been initiated into the greatest  feminine mysteries of her time, before the empire of the church came to banish and forbid them._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ We can cite among others the Eleusinian mysteries, the Sumerian mysteries, the Egyptian mysteries. She had knowledge of the anointing oils and was therefore guardian of the portals of life, death and rebirth, like any High Priestess of her day. 

The High Priestess is therefore the one who maintains the link between the “above”, the Superior World, and the “below”, the World of incarnation in matter, in Gaia, our Mother Earth.

The High Priestess is the vertical conduit between the material and mortal world  and the great wisdom, the eternal Sophia.

Highlights - MODULE 1

  • Diving into the “way of remembrance”   and its roots in the Gnostic lineages

  • Reframing the archetype of the "initiated woman" "woman priestess",  that our patriarchal culture has transformed into "fallen woman", "witch", "heretic"

  • Knowing the "Gospel of Mary" and the path it traces to awaken your divine humanity

  • Understand how the missing pages of the Gospel of Mary point us to the true journey of inner healing


Practical content - MODULE 1:

  • Tantric initiation to the awakening of the feminine vital energy, housed in the region of the lower body. Purification and healing of the wounds of female shame and the abandonment of power in this area of the body. It is strongly recommended to follow the TANTRA workshop: I FALL IN LOVE WITH MY YONI on Sunday March 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in Lutry as a preparation for these teachings  


  • Knowing sacred practices to unveil and dispel the imprints of stories of self-doubt, self-denial and surrender of one's own power as an initiated woman


  • Learn to listen and discern the voice of the Greater Self, the one that communicates with the Sophia, the Shekina, the sacred feminine 


  • Awakening of the fields of US: initiation to modified states of consciousness, a basic skill in the path  of the Madeleine 


  • Practices for Opening Access to the Akashic Records - Sophia's Library, Higher Knowledge 


Several teaching methods will be offered to you, using as sacred tools the physical body, the emotional body, automatic/inspired writing, rituals, etc. Some initiations will take place in nature


The participants will receive as support all the exercises, rituals and meditations to be carried out after the module to integrate the material 



It is strongly recommended to follow the workshopTANTRA: I FALL IN LOVE WITHMY YONISunday March 26 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, in Lutry as preparation for the first module of the teachings of Marie Madeleine. 


We are so much more than our physical bodies, spirit and matter. The formation journey of the Magdalene path will open us to the living remembrance of our Divinity, the living remembrance of what we know and have forgotten.


The journey of the Divine Feminine in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene is the journey of the full awakening of this holy and sacred vessel, the body, in the service of our divine mission, here on Earth.


In the inspired words of Mary Magdalene: 


“I am here so you can remember.

I will help you, it is time…Remember

Remember how to open the eye of the heart,

Remember how  open the eye of the inner oracle, the one in the middle of your head. 

Remember how to open your inner ear, open your throat. 

Return to your knowledge 

Fill the spaces of your lives with the incarnate Wisdom of SOPHIA”

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