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In the light of high frequencies

A program dedicated to your expansion and evolution to better navigate this unique period!


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Evelise Paradella is a psychologist specializing in counseling, integrative psychotherapy, shadow work and altered states of consciousness . She is also a specialist in professional transitions and career development .

She is the founder of the School of Mysteries of Sacred Cycles : training, initiations, circles, retreats & pilgrimages targeting the psycho-spiritual development of women.

She is also a teacher of yoga, meditation and work with the breath.

She offers this wide range of services in targeted care, developed thanks to her personal journey covered in cutting-edge knowledge from the world of psychology and contemporary psychotherapies , non-religious or dogmatic spirituality , modified states of consciousness with the medicine of psychedelic plants and ancient traditions of the sacred feminine, yoga and meditation .

- "My approach is warm, multidimensional, intuitive and psycho-spiritual. To support your therapeutic goals and needs, I use multiple care strategies: cognitive, bodily/somatic, relational, psychodynamic and transpersonal.

I create, for each person I support and for groups, a therapeutic space where the following qualities co-exist: gentleness and patience ; mental clarity and agility ; empathy and emotional safety ; protection. All this contributes to awakening and maintaining the courage necessary for this type of work, as well as the sacred interconnectivity of the different psycho-spiritual dimensions constituting the human.

I also draw on the spiritual energies of sacred feminine wisdom , particularly archetypes associated with liminal or transitional spaces , subterranean journeys , regeneration/rebirth.

All my actions are thus focused on partnership with the deep wisdom of the human psyche. This is the path to lasting healing and alignment with who you are in essence, your Self."


Contact me for an exploratory consultation

Schedule an interview to examine whether the type of support I offer corresponds to your needs, and to establish the framework for our future collaboration.

Interviews by videoconference or at my office in Pully, Switzerland.



Integrative psychotherapy:

I approach the human being as a whole, by implementing different practices and tools to serve the process of transformation and personal evolution...

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Advice and career development:

I am a specialist in strategic professional skills development. I advise and support my clients in their professional and personal development, including in the most difficult situations of career change, loss of motivation and professional crisis...

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Psychedelic Integration:

I am certified in psychedelic assisted therapy and integration by Psychedelics Today/MAPS (USA). I currently continue to train in preparation, integration and risk reduction in working with psychedelic medicines and in therapy assisted by psychedelic medicines...

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School of Mysteries:

In 2020 I founded the School of Mysteries of Sacred Cycles, a place of sharing, initiation and transformation targeting the psycho-spiritual development of women...

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Circle of women:

It is a space to give women a unique opportunity to reconnect with their personal power, improve their self-esteem, heal ancestral fears and anxieties and expand their intuition. All this to honor and value you as a woman, mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, professional...

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I teach yoga drawing inspiration from many influences, while maintaining a psychosomatic and intuitive approach. My classes are therefore unique, dynamic and anchored on the sacred flame of the heart...

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